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Ultrasound is an extremely popular and modern diagnostic method thecnology. It gives you a cross-section of the tested object. In ProClinic have a dynamic, versatil and multidisciplinary ultrasound. We do the ultrasound test in gynecology, obstetrics and breast. Thanks to this method, you can quickly detect various kinds of irregularities or complications. It is extremely fast and painless technique which allows to observe the development and movement of the child.

Pregnancy ultrasound

Ultrasound is an effective diagnostic method to examine the reproductive organ and the fetus. Thanks to this technology, you can quickly detect any abnormalities of the fetus. Nowadays it is difficult to imagine carring the pragnancy without performing a pregnancy ultrasound studies.

This examination should be performed in pregnant women at least 4 times during the pregnancy.

Today we have 3 types of ultrasound- 2D (commonly known), 3D and 4D.

3D, 4D Ultrasound

It has particular application in obstetrics. Thanks to this method, parents can view the beauty of the child, his face, handles, feet, how he/she moves, smiles for the first time. After the test you receive a DVD of the images of your child. The difference between 2D and 3D ultrasound is that the conventional ultrasound shows image of gray transparent only to a doctor, but not so for the parents. Thanks to study 3D / 4D we can exactly see the appearance of the child and gender. 3D image is multifaceted, gives three-dimensional image of the child. In contrast, 4D allows you to track the image of the baby’s movements.

In addition to the real image of the child, the 3D/4D ultrasound allows you to exclude or diagnose malformations. Allows you to determine whether a child is developing properly. It is very favorable, with many defects can be treated in the womb.

Diagnosis 3D / 4D allows safe and at the same time precise pragnancy.

Breast Ultrasound

The breast ultrasound examination is painless and noninvasive. It is recommended once a year. This way we can detect various kinds of diseases. Breast ultrasound is one of the most important prevention studies. There are multiple indications for the test, which previously were not visible – eg. nodules or so. the skin stretching, unusual discharge from the breast in women who are not pregnant or lactescent, changes in the nipple, or nodules in the armpit. The study does not need special preparation, the best time to perform the study is the first half of the basic monthly cycle.