Wrinkles filling and mouth augmentation

Currently, one of the most used agents for the correction of wrinkles is hyaluronic acid. Through its action causes the tying of water, thanks to which there is a proper hydration of tissues. Hyaluronic acid is one of the main ingredients used in the exclusive means as pharmaceuticals. Hyaluronic acid molecules disappear along with the expiration of years. The use of synthetic materials for smoothing wrinkles causes the occurrence decreases the risk of allergies. Then do not require a trial sensitivity.

Preparations available on the market has the following characteristics

  • do not require allergy testing
  • aesthetic results achieved immediately
  • obtained results are natural
  • are not of animal origin
  • particles are not detected as foreign bodies
  • are completely absorbed
  • it can be the colorless, flexible gel to fill the wrinkles

Wrinkles filling treatment

Wrinkles filling treatment is safe, does not disable the patient from everyday life. Takes about 30-60 minutes depending on the degree of the depth of wrinkles. Filling out is performed in order to remove wrinkles around the mouth, between the eyebrows, around the ears, nasolabial furrows, drooping lip corners. The effects depend on two factors: the type of a preparation and personal characteristics of the patient, to which belong: age, skin type and quality of the patient’s life.

Treatment effects

The treatment of smoothing wrinkles with hyaluronic acid is effective and gives immediate aesthetic effects. After some time, the hyaluronic acid is absorbed, causing a return to conditions of the skin from prior surgery. This process is reversible, giving or warranty that after some time the changes in appearance will cause no lasting change

After treatment may occur the folowing symptoms

  • redness at the infection area
  • swelling at the infected area for few days
  • spreading and itching sensation disappears after 24 hours

Mouth Enlarging – modeling

Mouth Enlarging is a treatment involving the correction of the shape of patient’s mouth. It gives wonderful aesthetics results and improves the women’s well – being.  Using the hyaluronic acid of different densities can improve the flexibility of the lips and their hydration, enlarge or enhance the lips, remove wrinkles around the mouth and scratch its contour. During the treatment the local anesthesia should be applicable.


The effects are dependent on the type of formulation. The initial result may persist for six months up to five years . It is recommended that the first injection preparations made ​​8 monthly or yearly to the patient accepted her new image.

Complications after treatment

Immediately after the treatment symptoms typical for most treatments can appear, such as redness, itching, edema, local pain, bruising. The symptoms mostly disappear within two days, in the case of administration into the lip it takes about 5-6 days.

Price list

Hyaluronic Acid (wrinkles removal) Price*
Fillers / 1 ampoule 1200zł
Consultation 70zł

* Price for a single treatment

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+48713050761 +48 600 095 020
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+48713050761 +48 600 095 020
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