For the sake of our patients we offer consultations with specialist in gynecology field. We have a well-equipped dental office, and the same consultations are carried out by a very experienced gynecologist and obstetrician. We rely on the experience and professionalism to ensure to our Patients high and comfortable level of care.

What is gyneacological consultations?

  • assessment and health condition review
  • general gyneacological examination
  • prophylactic breast examination
  • contraception counselling
  • in certain cases additional laboratory test is recommended
  • Insert of Intra Uterine Device (IUD)
  • diagnostics and treatment of genital inflammation
  • information and ascertaimnent of no contraindications to surgery of the vaginal tightening and treatment of stress urinary incontinence
  • Pap test
  • Diagnostics of other gynecologicals problems
  • classification of laser therapy for the treatment of stress urinary incontinence and vaginal tightening

Price list

Service name:: Price:
Gynecologic consultation 120 zł

+48713050761 +48 600 095 020
+48713050761 +48 600 095 020
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+48713050761 +48 600 095 020
napisz do nas

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