How long does the effect persists after laser vaginal tihgtening treatment?

If treatment is performed on a young mother we will differ she could enjoy the effect achieved by the year or to the next birth. Then there is always the risk of enlarging vagina. The treatment may, however, result in the strengthening of the vagina and effect after the next labour will be maintained.

If the procedure is performed in women during menopause, the hormonal replacement therapy is used thanks to which the effect is sustained.

At what time after the laser vaginal tightening treatment can we return to the sex relations?

Immediately after the treatment you can return to your daily activities, but do not have sex relationships for a month after surgery.

Having an IUD can be performed a laser vaginal tightening surgery?

No contraindications for practicing the surgery while the IUD is used, Mirena IUD included.

What are the indications for a laser vaginal tightening treatment?

First of all, is recommended for ladies who suffer of vaginal looseness caused by natural childbirth or menopause. The indication also comes from its reasons mentioned above on the lack of co-existence of sexual satisfaction, less experience or lack thereof during intercourse.

How to prepare to IntimaLase – vaginal thightening treatment?

Outpatient procedure is performed, it does not require anesthesia before surgery requirement is to perform cytology. Prior to surgery you should not accept any photosensitizing drugs. In case of occurrence of additional diseases must necessarily thoroughly discuss the condition with your doctor during a medical interview conducted prior to surgery.

Are the laser treatments, as vagina thightening and urinary incontinence treatment are safe?

Prior to each treatment you have a consultation with the doctor, on which any contraindications are excluded during that conversation. These treatments are safe and not bringing any risk of complications.

How many treatments you need to perform to get rid of the stress urinary incontinence?

Usually one treatment is performed. If there is a necessity of this procedure can be repeated.

How long last the convalescence after eyelids correction treatment?

After surgery, the patient remains for 1 hour in the clinic. After this time, can back home. Over the next few days should come to change the dressings. The sutures are pulled in 5-7 days. For a few days, up to two weeks bruising may persist. After 2-3 days of removing of the stitches you can put a delicate makeup masking the eyelid.

What tests should be performed before surgery varicose vein treatment?

A week before the treatment you need to perform the following tests: morphology, INR, PT, APTT.

After the surgery of removal of varicose veins can patient return immediately to daily life?

Patients after leaving the clinic can functioning normally, but without physical overexertion. Return to work should be done after 7 days. Keep in mind that after surgery for 24 hours you should wear post-operative stockings, driving is not allowed, consuming alcohol and other stimulants are not allowed

How many treatments of laser lipolysis can be performed?

This depends on the size of the area and its location. Usually 1-3 treatments are definitely sufficient for most people.

In which areas of the body is laser lipolysis performed?

Lipolysis are made on specific areas on the body such as the waist, chin, inner and outer thighs, hips, buttocks, arms, face (not around the eyes), men chest, neck, pubic areas.

Does the ear correction treatment can damage the hearing?

During the treatment there is not performed any interference in the middle ear, where it is of the organ of hearing. It is not possible any damage.

How many treatments are needed to cure completely onychomycosis?

The number of treatments is individually adjusted, depending on the severity of the disease. However, it is recommended to carry out 5 treatments at intervals of 3-4 days.