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Non-invasive treatment for snoring

The non-invasive treatment for snoring is a method of improving the quality of sleep. Thanks to the application of the Er: YAG. Delicate, superficial laser radiation reduces the occurrence of apnea and snoring amplitude. It is an ambulatory treatment without anesthesia. During the treatment of snoring the laser light heats the tissue, causing collagen contraction and thus tissue stiffening. This reduces vibrations of soft parts of palate with the tongue and reduces the prevalence of sleep apnea.

Treatment course

The procedure for the treatment of snoring consists of 3 treatments performed within 6 weeks. A single treatment consists of the initial and final phase.

The initial phase – involves exposure of further areas of the mouth. In the first instance it is the soft palate with the tab. Then moving into the front hatch podniebienno-linguistic, rear hatch podniebiennojêzykowego with the tonsils. At the end of the lateral area and its base language. On each of these areas need to perform 7-8 pass coverage beams of about 50%.

Final Phase – are made to further the four transitions in areas 1-6 and two additional transition in selected areas of thick, yellow line. In recent crossings should, if possible, increase the density of energy to the value of about 2 J / cm 2.

Snoring effects

Snoring affects a very large number of people and causes a disturbance of rest, headache, drowsiness, irritability, impaired concentration during the day, the risk of heart disease, reduces sexual desire.


Results can be seen already after the first treatment. Subsequent treatments refine results. In case of a recurrence of snoring is recommended to carry out a new series of treatments. Experience the peaceful and healthy sleep, get rid of the ailments!