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Skin discoloration removal

During the skin discoloration removal treatment, the laser light heats the melanin pigment found in hyperpigmentation. When they reach a temperature high enough they are destroyed, and they dimmed, slightly grayish color. Two weeks after the treatment they peel off and leave no trace behind. Often, the treatment must repeat several times. Below we show you types of skin discoloration:

Types of skin discoloration:

  • Stains cafe au lait type – present from birth. It is a light brown stain, which differs from the skin, because it is darker, with uniform color.
  • Freckles – freckles emerge as a result of increasing of the amount of melanin, caused by exposure to UV light. Often, their formation is related to genetics. You can not remove the tendency to their formation.
  • Becker’s nevus – this is the melanocytic mark, often hairy . It usually emerge on the skin of the shoulder or trunk.
  • Mongolian spot- appearing in children of Latino, Asian or black. It is usually located in the lumbosacral area, in some cases disappear.
  • Lentigo, solar stains – caused by excessive exposure to the sun. It usually occurs in areas exposed (hands, forearms, face).
  • Poikiloderma – appear as a result of excessive skin exposure to the sun, they are the skin damage in the form of discoloration or expanded blood vessels, often emerges on the sides of the neck and face.
  • Secondary Hyperpigmentation: caused by various external factors, eg. Post trauma, drug, chemical, associated with skin exposure to the sun.

Types of skin discolouration:

  • Epidermal – appears when melanin accumulates in the epidermis.
  • Dermal – appear when melanin accumulates in the proper skin.
  • Mixed – otherwise dermo – epidermal.

Contraindications to the treatment:

  • Pregnancy
  • Pacemaker
  • Epilepsy
  • Diabetes
  • Some skin diseases as an example: Rosacea, Psoriasis
  • tan, also a solarium 4 weeks before treatment and after treatment
  • using of some medicines
  • Steroids
  • some viral changes
  • Light-sensitizing medicines
  • creams with retinol
  • Some herbs like: calendula , St John´s – wort

Patient’s proceedings before laser discoloration removal treatment

Before the treatment, you should not: tanning for 4 weeks before treatment, using exfoliating treatments on affected area, such as peels a week before treatment, drink alcohol the day of the treatment, you should shave affected area a day before the treatment, wash off all the cosmetics from the skin, in the case of drugs: anticoagulants, steroids, photosensitizing, should be set aside (if that is possible) 7 days prior to treatment, and then you can use it again after 14 days after treatment.

Follow these rules for a few days after the treatment
It is not recomended using of soaps, lotions, alcoholic spirits, you should not exfoliate your skin, do not wipe the treated areas with a towel or sponge or irritate them.

Patient’s proceedings after laser discoloration removal treatment

After the treatment is not recommended to use the sauna or hot bath for about 14 days, sunbathing for 4 weeks after completed treatment. If treatment was performed on the face sunscreen SPV 30 should be used for 4 weeks. The use of cosmetics is allowed 24 hours after treatment, but it should be alcohol free. After 2 months you should come back for a control visit.

Important information about discolouration

The treated discolourations first get dimmed and then, the day after the treatment strat to peel. The peeling process takes about two weeks. If the discoloration is very deep we recommend to repeat the treatment after 4 weeks. After the treatment is recommended to use brightning creams and creams with high sunscreen.