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Resurfacing is a very precise method of removing the top layer of skin in comparison to mechanical or chemical treatments. It ensures an improvement of skin condition, density and firmness. Skin looks younger, removes any scars and wrinkles, actinic damage, increased pores and discoulorations, also unifies color. Skin looks refreshed, is stretched and recovers lost shine. The treatment is a good alternative for people for whom rejuvenation laser treatment does not meet their expectations. ProClinic offers you 3 types of resurfacing: deep, light and soft. They differ in the degree of intensity. The doctor decides of which type will be done. It depends on the skin type and condition or age.

Resurfacing is one of the most effective methods of fractional peeling. It is a perfect form of struggle with acne scars, visible wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and valleculae as well as flabby skin. The procedure is performed using Er: Yag Spectro Fotona SP wavelength 2940nm. Fotona’s erbium lasers uses this wavelength for minimally ablative fast treatments, removing damaged tissue trace elements, the result is a deep thermal effect. Non-ablative fractional treatments leave on the skin huge amounts of trace elements, which consist of hot and dead ends of the treated tissue. An excess of heat is trapped in the skin and causes unnecessary pain and discomfort. Hot remnants of tissue are removed from the skin thanks to a Fotona’ s fractionating head, thanks to this the pain is reduced and  convalescence is accelerated. Clean microchannels have the same thermal impact zone as microchannels after thermal non – ablative fractional treatment, but it does not cause irritation, swelling or pain.

After finishing the surgery microchannels close and heal much faster than in the case of non-ablative fractional techniques. Laser Er: Yag Fotona Spectro SP allows reaching optimum results with minimal penetration of the laser beam. Thanks to laser we can do the epidermis or skin micron by micron ablation, with unmatched precision and control of the treatment, a higher level of patient comfort and faster recovery period. In addition to the features listed above we can also say that it is the fastest and safest laser on the market. It is equipped with innovative fractioning heads, which are minimally invasive and safely allow you to perform skin rejuvenation treatments and to remove scars or stretch marks.

Resurfacing treatment perfomred using Er: YAG Fotona SP Spectro laser is unique.

The action of laser causes several dozen or even hundreds of damages surrounded by healthy skin, not treated with the laser. This way the skin regenerates faster, stimulates the collagen and elastin production. In addition, the skin thickenes, a controlled heating of the skin is produced causing the strengthening effect of rejuvenation.

For whom is the treatment?

Resurfacing is the deepest method of fractional peeling. It is the best way for people who face problems of acne scars, hyperpigmentation, flobby skin or visible wrinkles and valleculae.

The effects of deep laser peel treatment

Effects caused by the treatment appear quite quickly in two steps, after only a few days the skin colour unification or hyperpigmentation fading is visible, within 4-5 weeks, improves skin density. Already after one treatment can achieve results that are equal to 10 microdermabrasion treatments. The action of laser causes several dozen or even hundreds of damages surrounded by healthy skin, not treated with the laser. This way the skin regenerates faster, the skin thickenes, a controlled heating of the skin is produced causing the strengthening effect of rejuvenation.

Post treatment handling

After the treatment redness and light swelling can be expected. This is the kind of effect as the exaggerated sunburn in the sun. Such redness disappears after one week, and the swelling after 4 days. In the next stage, the skin may be dimmed and can exfoliate, already after 7 days, everything bounces back. Those areas in which the interference was bigger may remain reddened up  to 3 or sometimes up to 6 months.

You can repeat the procedure to obtain a better clinical result. It is recommended to repeat the procedure from 2 to 5 times, because the first treatment damages about 20% of the top layer of the skin

  • Contraindications to lasertherapy:
  • Pregnancy
  • Pacemaker
  • Epilepsy
  • Diabetes
  • Some skin diseases as an example: Rosacea, Psoriasis
  • tan, also a solarium 4 weeks before treatment and after treatment
  • using of some medicines
  • Steroids
  • some viral changes
  • Light-sensitizing medicines
  • creams with retinol
  • Some herbs like: calendula , St John´s – wort

Patient’s proceedings before deep peeling laser treatment

Before the treatment, you should not: tanning for 4 weeks before treatment, using exfoliating treatments on affected area, such as peels a week before treatment, drink alcohol the day of the treatment, you should shave affected area  a day before the treatment, wash off all the cosmetics from the skin, in the case of drugs: anticoagulants, steroids, photosensitizing, should be set aside (if that is possible) 7 days prior to treatment, and then you can use it again after 14 days after treatment.

Post deep laser peeling treatment handling

After the treatment is not recommended to use the sauna or hot bath for about 14 days, sunbathing for 4 weeks after completed treatment. If treatment was performed on the face sunscreen SPV 50 should be used for 4 weeks. There are no contraindications to the use of cosmetics after treatment. After 2 months you should come back for a control visit