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Nail mycosis treatment

Nail mycosis treatment

This procedure is performed with Nd: YAG, it is the only device which is used for this type of treatment. Wavelength is 1064 nm. It makes the deepest penetration, so it can destroy a vessel of large diameter hidden deep under the skin. Fotona Laser Specrto SP has the highest power and security system and it is the fastest and safest laser on the market.

The procedure consists of exposing the nail plates and the tissues surrounding to the bundle of laser. The procedure is simple, quickly removes fungal infections without side effects. It is recommended to carry out up to 5 treatments at intervals of 3-4 days. Thanks to Fotona lasers it is possible to carry out a large number of treatments in the field of aesthetic dermatology, surgery and aesthetic medicine.

What should the patients with mycosis disease do

People who struggle with mycosis should: wash the affected skin with cosmetics which do not damage the lipid coat of the skin, after washing your feet wipe affected area thoroughly between fingers, limit the repeated use of the same towel, wear comfortable shoes which do not cause the production of heat and moisture, in the swimming pool or sauna should walk in shoes, do not use someone else’s shoes.

Contraindications to the treatment:

  • pregnancy
  • Pacemaker
  • Epilepsy
  • Diabetes
  • Some skin diseases as an example: Rosacea, Psoriasis
  • tan, also a solarium 4 weeks before treatment and after treatment
  • using of some medicines
  • Steroids
  • some viral changes
  • Light-sensitizing medicines
  • Creams with retinol
  • ome herbs like: calendula , St John´s – wort

Pre-treatment precautions

Before the treatment, you should not: tanning for 4 weeks before treatment, using exfoliating treatments on affected area, such as peels a week before treatment, drink alcohol the day of the treatment, you should shave affected area a day before the treatment, wash off all the cosmetics from the skin, in the case of drugs: anticoagulants, steroids, photosensitizing, should be set aside (if that is possible) 7 days prior to treatment, and then you can use it again after 14 days after treatment.

Post-treatment precautions

After the treatment is not recommended to use the sauna or hot bath for about 14 days, sunbathing for 4 weeks after completed treatment, intensive phisical exercises up to 7 days after treatment. If the treatment was performed on the face sunscreen SPV 30 should be used for 4 weeks. The use of cosmetics is allowed 24 hours after treatment, but it should be alcohol free. After 2 months you should come back for a control visit.