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Laser vaginal tightening

Intimalase or laser vaginal tightening is non-invasive surgery. Others invasive methods require a long convalescence, and postoperative complications can occur in the field of aesthetic gynecology. Nowadays, there are different treatments such as Kegel muscle exercises, pharmacological therapies (hormonal treatments, improving flexibility creams) or surgical procedures. However, Intimalase is the safest and most effective form of vaginal tightening.

Surgery tecnology

During the procedure we apply laser Er: YAG and it is based on photothermal interaction between the laser and the mucosa membrane of tissue. Bundle of laser VSP is strictly controlled and delivered to the vaginal canal and the area of the entrance to the vagina, its action heats the tissue and the collagen inside the tissue.

The effect of heating the collagen is its contraction, fiber gets shorter and fatter, then there is a reduction in the irradiated tissue. In addition to the above mentioned processes comes to remodeling of collagen and neokolagenozy. Then the treated tissue is enriched with a new collagen and seems to be younger, more elastic. Also decreases vaginal laxity and eliminates vaginal loosening syndrome.

Indication for surgery

Vaginal looseness is usually an effect of the parturition or appears during menopause. For many women it means less satisfaction in the sexual life.

The proceedings before surgery

Before surgery, you need the current cytology, urinalysis, and in addition the reproductive organ without pathology.

The course of treatment

The first step of the Intimalase treatment is the exposure of the vaginal tract on its entire length to the laser light . We use the special observe laser device and the special adaptor which sends the correct laser bundle. Thanks to those devices we can exposure whole vagina canal to the laser light easy and quickly. During each exposure the applied energy is 90J. This is done through a special sequence, which, creates nonablative and completely controlled exclusively thermal effect on the walls of the vagina, causing immediate contraction of tissue and remodeling the collagen as well as a new collagen synthesis in the mucosa membrane of the vagina.

The second step consists of exposing to the laser light the entrance to the vagina and the vulval vestibule. To perform this procedure is indispensable a special laser head emitting a bundle straight ahead. During the process, energy is supplied. During the treatment is not required the use of anesthesia, and immediately after the treatment you can return to ordinary, everyday activity. The treatment normally lasts from 40 to 60 min./span>

Post treatment procedings

After the treatment, you should avoid the sexual activity for a month, during a month after the tratment apply gel with estrogen 2 times a week, and after two months you should come for a control visit.


The treatment results are more flexible and stretched tissues, decreases circumference of the vagina, improves the sexual sensitivity and comfort of women’s life. The treatment also improves the elasticity of the vagina.


  • pregnancy and lactation period
  • taking medications sensitive to radiation
  • damage and / or active infection in the treated area
  • undiagnosed vaginal bleeding
  • active menstruation
  • porphyria
  • severe systemic disease
  • recognized, suspected, or passed breast cancer
  • passed or active thromboembolic disease