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Cracked blood vessels are often aesthetic problem. If the proper energy and wave length of the laser are used it allows the close selected blood vessel without damaging the surrounding skin. Laser Fotona Spectro SP do the deepest penetration the laser beam, which allows the destruction of a vessels of large diameter hidden deep under the skin. Thanks to the homogeneous penetration the laser has a wide spectrum of use and reduces the risk of tissue damage. The closing extended blood vessel treatment is a safe and fast way to solve the problem. Thanks to Fotona’s lasers we can perform the range of treatments in the field of aesthetic medicine and surgery.

The functioning of the laser

The laser generates intense light radius, so it’s possible to interference into the living tissue. Light that reaches the interior of the vessel is absorbed by the pigment located in red blood cells and is converted into thermal energy. Under the influence of heat the water is vaporized from the tissue. Inside only dry elements of the vessel remain, they are the walls that are collapsing and are absorbed and as a result they disappear. The treatment is not risky and does not carry with it the risk of complications and infection. It can be done at any time of the year. Removing the blood vessel can not be perform with the superficial deep veins diseases, or once their treatment has finished.

Of what does the closing blood vessels treatment consist?

This treatment is using the ND – Yag Fotona Spectro SP laser. The procedure consists of the fact that the energy of the laser wave is selectively absorbed by hemoglobin. The result of the process is a blood coagulation which causes the destruction of the cell. During the procedure, you may feel the prick at the time of shot of laser. A side effect may be bruising or edema at the site where the vassel was large. You can not expect that after the first session all the capillaries will be deleted. Sometimes it is necessary to repeat the procedure several times. Blood vessel on the extremities can be removed during 1 to 4 treatment aplications, and on face we will need up to 3 treatment aplications. The period of the disappearance of capillaries can last up to several months.
For whom is the treatment?

For whom is the treatment?

For people who have a problem with vascular changes on the legs (spider veins), vascular changes on the face, with minor varicose veins, with angioma (flat, ruby), with skin changessuch as warts, seborrheic changes, fibroid tumors

Factors that influence cracking blood vessels:

  • temperature fluctuations
  • large exposure to the sun
  • Sun tanning bed
  • High humidity
  • steroids applied topically to the skin
  • various kinds of injuries and inflammation
  • estrogenic hormones acting on the smooth muscle capillary walls

Contraindications to the treatment:

  • Pregnancy
  • Pacemaker
  • Epilepsy
  • Diabetes
  • Some skin diseases as an example: Rosacea, Psoriasis
  • tan, also a solarium 4 weeks before treatment and after treatment
  • using of some medicines
  • Steroids
  • some viral changes
  • Light-sensitizing medicines
  • Creams with retinol
  • Some herbs like: calendula , St John´s – wort

Pre-treatment precautionsIt is not recommended to use exfoliating treatments a week before treatment, you should not sunbathe 4 weeks before treatment, in the case of the use of steroids, photosensitizing drugs or anticoagulants should be set aside for 7 days prior to treatment, and then you can use it again after 14 days after treatment, shave the affected area a day before the treatment, do not use wax or tweezers, the day of the treatment do not drink alcohol, you should wash off all cosmetics immediately before treatment.

After treatment may experience the following symptoms

After surgery, there may be some complaints in the form of burning and tingling, also can appear edema or redness, itching, higher skin sensitivity. Most of these symptoms disappear usually a few hours after treatment, sometimes you have to apply any anodyne creams at home.

Post-treatment precautions

It is importatnt to respect some important rules. It is not recomended using of soaps, lotions, alcoholic spirits, you should not exfoliate your skin, do not wipe the treated areas with a sponge or irritate them. Do not exfoliate the skin or do other similar treatments in the affected area.

Patient’s proceedings after the treatment

After the treatment is not recommended to use the sauna or hot bath for about 14 days, sunbathing for 4 weeks after completed treatment, doing intensive phisical exercises up to 7 days after the treatment. If treatment was performed on the face sunscreen SPV 50 should be used for 4 weeks. The use of cosmetics is allowed 24 hours after treatment, but it should be alcohol free. After 2 months you should come back for a control visit.

Tips for care of the propensive to crack blood vessels skin

First of all, you should avoid the sun, also a solarium exposure. We recommend the use of sunscreens with UVB and UVA filters. You should protect your skin against the cold and moisture by the application of protective creams in the winter. You should protect your skin against the sauna hot air. It is important to complete vitamin deficiencies (B2, C, PP). In addition to these indications you should reinforce your skin with cosmetics apropiate for skin with capillaries problems (with vitmine K).