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Antiwrinkle treatment

It is a purified protein. It is based on the fact that given directly into the muscle blocks for some time the transmission of the chemical signal that causes muscle spasms. Its action is local, because the administrered quantities are minimal. This agent is used in the world already since the 30s of the twentieth century. It is used in ophthalmology, neurology, rehabilitation and esthetic medicine. It is used only in small quantities and locally thats why very rarely is associated with adverse side effects.

What is the treatment

During the treatment administered preparation for the help of a disposable syringe with a very fine needle. The procedure takes 15-20 minutes, the pain during the procedure is minimal and, therefore, shall be applicable local anesthesia. Administered intramuscularly administered, blocks receiving the muscle nerve impulses causing the loosening, thanks to this procedure gives the impression of smoothing wrinkles. Before the surgery, always prior consultation, in which the patient is informed of all possible complications, which depend on the personal characteristics of the patient.


Effects of treatment last approximately 6 months. It depends on the thickness of the skin and muscle of the patient. With each subsequent injection, the results are more lasting. The result are visible just right after the application.

This remedy shall be applicable to remove

  • wrinkles between the eyebrows
  • crow’s feet
  • laughter lines
  • wrinkles of the lower eyelid, around the mouth, chin, neck
  • horizontal lines on the forehead
  • smoothing neck wrinkles and lifting the eyebrows


  • neuromuscular disorders
  • pregnancy, breast-feeding
  • skin infection

After treatment you should:

  • Avoid massage in injection sites
  • within 4 hours after surgery do not bend the head to the bottom
  • Don´t use goggles for swimming for a week