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All tests are carried out in specialized diagnostic centers, which are located in 17 points in the area of Wroclaw, in order to facilitate access to the most appropriate location. In the ProClinic offer you will find a wide range of basic research as well as any specialized necessary treatment during the treatment .

Laboratory testing is an excellent way to control your health, and monitoring a progress in treatment. Preventive tests should be performed once a year, it will allow to detect unwanted processes that occur in the body. In addition, thanks to laboratory tests can quickly diagnose discomfort and immediately begin treatment.

In ProClinic you do not need to possess a doctor’s referral or arrange the visit earlier and wait in the queue.
Preparation for examination:

  • Detailed contraindications and recommendations before making individual examinations will be disscused during the medical visit
  • Morning hours are the best to perform the treatment
  • During the examination the person must be informed about: taking medicines , the use of dietary supplements and is used to treat.

We guarantee you a reliable and accurate review results, which are analyzed by specialists. Deadline for receipt of research results is addicted to the specifics of the diagnostics performed, in urgent cases, there is opportunity to perform the test „in situ”.